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A cat will affect your life!


Make time for play, grooming and companionship.
Be prepared to accept that it may catch birds and other prey.
Ensure adequate arrangements for when you are away from home.
Make sure your cat or kitten will not become a nuisance.
Bear in mind that the cuddly kitten you’ve taken onboard will become a cat after just six months and will live perhaps for the next 14 years. Cat ownership is a long term commitment

Although many of the Principles of Natural Health Care outlined on this site are applicable to both cats and dogs, there are some issues relating to cats which need highlighting, and this page will be updated on a regular basis to reflect this.

Choosing a kitten

The first thing to consider when choosing your kitten is if you are looking for a family companion or a cat that you intend to show or breed in future. If you are looking for a family pet, then the most important consideration will be temperament and health. When choosing your kitten, you should also take into consideration the type of home it comes from and it's mother's state of health. Do not buy a kitten from a breeder that will not let you see the mother cat. In pedigree cats, the mother cat should also be a true representative of the breed. A healthy kitten will have bright and shiny eyes, glossy coat, clean bottom and an alert demeanour. Ears should also be clean, nose cool and damp without any nasal discharge with pale pink mouth and gums

Burns Real Food for Cats

Real food for catsThe Burns Product range has varieties to suit cats of all ages - from kitten to seniors. Based on the natural goodness of brown rice, with battery-free chicken, ocean fish orfree-range duck as a source of quality meat - naturally preserved and free of colours and flavourings

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