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Are You a Breeder?

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  • Are you a breeder currently using Burns Real Food?
  • Are you a breeder considering using Burns Real Food?
  • Would you be interested in promoting its use to your customers?

If so, then we'd like to hear from you, because we've got a very attractive breeder scheme which we'd like to share with you.

Burns offer breeder schemes for both kitten and puppy breeders. The schemes are offered free of charge to all breeders who are feeding Burns bought either through a stockist or by direct purchase. Registration is generally via contact with us here at Kidwelly but could be arranged via a stockist. The intention is that the breeder scheme operates as a complimentary service that will benefit all Burns customers and stockists.

Please note, that unlike some companies we do not offer a general breeder discount from the RRP of our food, but our scheme DOES reward the many enthusiastic breeders who successfully promote Burns Real Food to their new puppy owners.

We're committed to providing a product and service which is second to none, and with products that can be fed from weaning to old age together with free nutritional advice available to all our customers, we're always on hand should a problem arise.

Please give us a ring on our FreePhone number 0800 018 18 90 or
Email us to find out more.


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