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Teeth and gums

catIt is tartar on the teeth that causes gum disease, bad breath and eventually loss of teeth. Popular belief (even among vets) is that tartar is caused by the lack of abrasive food material to clean the teeth. Special diets to avoid tooth tartar are designed to create an abrasive action to clean the teeth. It is true that bone and hide chews will help to clean the teeth (hard biscuit will not) but the main reason why cats and dogs get tartar on the teeth is because waste material dissolved in the body fluids (saliva) washes over the teeth and form plaque.

Many cats receive diets which exceed their needs or which contain low quality ingredients and chemical additives. This may impair the body's ability to function in a healthy, natural manner. Therefore the solution is to keep the system clean and eliminate the build-up of waste toxins by using smaller quantities of a good quality food. Like all good products BURNS REAL FOOD is based on a simple idea - it provides the correct conditions for the body to maintain a healthy system.

Burns Real Food for Cats is made with high quality animal proteins and fats. Chicken and fish are the protein sources - no red meat. The finest chicken fat is used to provide energy and essential fatty acids. This ensures a highly digestible, tasty food so there is no need for artificial colouring or flavour enhancers. Levels of nutrients are controlled to avoid excess.

Once again Burns foods act holistically to prevent tartar and gum disease. A healthy system will not have debris dissolved in the saliva so there is no need for a special diet or even for teeth cleaning.




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