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You and your dog

Bernadette and Zen

As the Kennel Club rightly points out, owning a dog brings a great deal of enjoyment but also carries with it a series of responsibilities.

If owners are not aware of these responsibilities then communities can grow to dislike the dogs in their areas and anti-dog attitudes can develop.


Cleaning up after your dog

  • Owners will be prosecuted if they allow their dog to foul and do not clear it up in designated areas (Dog Fouling of the Land Act 1996).
  • Cleaning up after your dog is one of the key areas of responsibilities for dog owners, especially when in public spaces. You can face considerable fines if you don't.
  • Carry poop scoop bags with you at all times. Simply keep a plastic bag in your pocket when out walking.


  • Under the Control of Dogs Order 1992 you must ensure your dog wears a collar and tag stating your name and address
  • Microchipping your pet and registering it will give you the peace of mind should your dog stray away from home.


  • Schemes such as the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme are a great way to start training for dogs of any age. Concentrating primarily on the everyday situations facing owners such as walking to heel, barking, vehicle travel and feeding, the programme helps owners to develop an understanding of the needs of the dog and how to maintain authority. For more information visit the Kennel Club Site

Burns Real Food for Dogs

The Burns Product range has varieties to suit dogs of all ages. Based on the natural goodness of brown rice, with battery-free chicken, ocean fish, free-range duck or New Zealand Lamb & Venison as a source of quality meat - naturally preserved and free of colours and flavourings

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