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natural food You may wonder why a single Feeding Programme could be suitable.

Indi photographed by Gill Lucas

There are two strands to the holistic management of health. The first of these is the selection of suitable food which will promote rather than compromise these innate powers.

But it is almost as important to ensure that the quantity of food is right. Overfeeding will undo much of the benefit of feeding the correct type of food.

This Programme is basically a feeding guide to assist in ensuring the correct amount based on actual need rather than body weight.

  1. Gradually change to the new food. Slow introduction allows a smooth change of intestinal bacteria, thus minimising the risk of intestinal upset.
  2. Following the introductory period the new food should be the only food given.
  3. Quantity of food must be carefully controlled to meet but not exceed the dog's requirements. (See below)
  4. Regular suitable exercise helps to use up excess calories, discharge waste products, improve circulation and provides mental stimulation.
  5. Ask your veterinary-surgeon to empty the dog's anal glands. This aids in the elimination of wastes from the system.
  6. All family members must co-operate by ensuring that no extras titbits, treats, table scraps or other foods are given.

This Programme has to be tailored to the needs of the individual because there are so many individuals whose differing needs have to be accommodated. It is not enough to try the diet and hope for the best.

We at Burns Pet Nutrition are able to offer professional, practical advice on correct feeding. If you do not see improvements or if you have any questions it is important to ask us for assistance.

If a symptom or illness is due to a reaction to a food ingredient which is absent from the new food then we can expect to see improvements in health in 3-8 weeks.

If there is an improvement then we can expect that it will be safe to feed that particular food indefinitely. On the other hand, if there is no improvement on one variety of food, a different variety should be tried.

If symptoms persist it is advisable to try a completely different regime. This could be another proprietary food with a completely different ingredient profile or home-made food using novel ingredients....More

health problemsIf in doubt call us (UK) on Freephone 0800 083 66 96 or 0800 018 18 90. Alternatively use our website helpline [Click here]



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