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catsDue to an increasing trend towards keeping cats indoors, many pet food companies are now producing diets specifically for indoor cats.

Burns Ocean Fish variety and Chicken and Brown Rice for Cats both contain controlled levels of protein and fat. They are free from colours, chemical preservatives, wheat, dairy and Soya. We would recommend feeding these to indoor and outdoor cats although the latter may need more food due to activity levels.


An indoor cat does not have the opportunity to hunt and burn off excess calories; therefore you must be careful to ensure they do not overeat. Although, the popular consent is that cats will not overeat, this is untrue.

To encourage weight loss or prevent weight gain:

• Gradually introduce a low fat, low protein diet such as Burns to your cat.
• Cut out all treats and tit-bits (make sure ALL the family members agree to this).
• Feed the recommended amount for your cat’s ideal weight, not his/her ACTUAL weight.
• Do NOT free feed. Any food not eaten after 10 minutes should be picked up.
• If your cat is particularly greedy then you may find that smaller more frequent meals help, in the wild cats may eat up to 20 tiny meals per day.
• Overweight cats are more likely in multi-cat households as they may finish off food left by the others. You may need to feed these cats separately or moistening the food can help slow a greedy cat down and let the others finish first!
• Increase your cat’s exercise. Play with your cat more often and encourage games.

Odour control

Many of these ‘indoor cat’ diets claim the benefit of having increased odour control so that the cat’s faeces do not smell so strong. However, on a natural holistic diet such as Burns the cat should produce less waste and there should not be a strong smell. A strong smell (from the faeces or urine) means that the waste is very concentrated and the cat is not digesting its current diet as well as it should.

Environmental enrichment

Destructiveness and damage, such as clawed curtains may be prevented by supplying toys for your cats to play with when you are out. Scratching posts and climbing frames are ideal and there are many interactive toys you can buy now.

Litter trays

As a rule of thumb it is suggested that you should provide a litter tray per cat and then one more. Indoor cats cannot go to the toilet outside so it is critical that their trays are kept clean at all times. A dirty tray will cause a cat to ‘hold on’ this may result in urinary infections such as cystitis.


Cats often do not like the taste of tap water and many will choose to drink out of a puddle or pond. They generally prefer to drink out of large bowls or trays (i.e. your bath or shower tray!) where their whiskers do not touch the sides. You should offer an indoor cat many sources of water around the house. As some cats prefer drinking from running water, water fountains are now available.

Burns is a dried food which easily softens when moistened, this may be beneficial for increasing water consumption.


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