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Pet Health and Nutrition

John Burns and LizzieAs a practising veterinary Surgeon, John Burns saw many family pets with common problems such as itching and excessive scratching, loose motions, stiffness, bad breath and body odour.

John says "'Many owners think that if their pet seems healthy there is no need to feed a good-quality food.

"It is true that some pets (and humans) seem capable of thriving on poor quality food but this is the exception, not the rule. Many pet owners do not recognise symptoms of underlying health problems but accept them as normal conditions.

"As a practising Veterinary Surgeon and acupuncturist I was convinced that poor diet was the root cause of all these and more.
In the 1980s I recommended a homemade food for dogs and cats based on brown rice, and then developed Burns Real Food using similar ingredients to my home made recipe.

"As the name implies, Burns Real Food is just that; a simple food which is intended to allow the body to function as it should. Burns is not intended to intervene in order to alter the normal metabolism of the body. The aim is to stand back and let the body get on with what it does best; to maintain the organ systems.

"It worked then, and twenty years later it’s still the natural choice for dogs and cats of all ages."

John BurnsBVMS Lic Ac MRCVS The Good Shopping Guide - Approved as an ethical supplier

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